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CBD For Pain: Does It Work And What's The Best Way To Use It?

CBD For Pain

Whether dealing with headaches and migraines or chronic distress from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and injuries, many people search for natural pain remedies. CBD has become one of the most popular organic wellness products in recent times, and a study on CBD users shows that users very commonly use CBD for pain.

New users often have questions about using CBD for pain. For instance - does it work? How effective is it? And what’s the best way to use CBD for pain? The good news is that CBD products are safe, effective, and readily available in a variety of forms - many of which can help you with all kinds of issues. Here’s everything you need to know about using CBD for pain.

What Is CBD And How Does It Work?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid that’s naturally produced in cannabis plants. While cannabidiol is found in a range of cannabis strains, it’s commonly extracted from hemp plants that are known for producing high amounts of CBD with very low amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Despite its close association with cannabis, CBD is completely non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high or induce any intoxicating effects. But like many other cannabinoids, cannabidiol still interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system - a biological system that regulates pain sensation, mood, sleep, and many other important functions.

Due to its ability to positively impact the endocannabinoid system without inducing psychoactive effects, CBD has become an incredibly popular alternative to cannabis. It’s now available in a range of legal, hemp-based products such as CBD topicals, oils, edibles, and capsules, all of which can be consumed safely by humans without harmful side effects.

Why Do People Use CBD For Pain

Why Do People Use CBD For Pain?

Much like other natural wellness products, many people buy CBD for a wide range of purposes. However, studies and surveys regularly show that one of the most common reasons for buying and using CBD is to counteract pain and inflammation.

This applies to various forms of pain, including physical pain from injuries and wounds, chronic pain from underlying conditions, and neuropathic pain such as headaches and migraines. However, it also begs the question of why using CBD for pain is so popular.

Many studies suggest that CBD can help with pain and inflammation due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, a 2021 study found that CBD made the effects of pain much less unpleasant for subjects. Anecdotally, many CBD users suffering from pain, inflammation, or other forms of physical distress also claim that it helps with their issues.

Using CBD also has other perks for those suffering from pain. For instance, while traditional pain medications often come with severe side effects, research shows that CBD is very well-tolerated by humans with no harmful effects. Additionally, it’s safe to use CBD regularly even in high amounts, and many people take a daily dose for their overall wellness.

What’s The Best Way To Use CBD For Pain?

There are many safe and effective ways to use CBD and the best method of consumption often depends on personal preference. With that said, certain types of CBD products are better when it comes to targeting certain issues. For instance, if you’re dealing with pain in a certain area of the body, CBD topicals can help deliver targeted relief.

CBD rollers are especially helpful for counteracting pain. You can use these roll-on products to apply a cannabidiol-infused formula directly to the affected area. For instance, if you’re suffering from chest pain, simply use a CBD roll-on to apply cannabidiol directly to your chest. It’ll then be absorbed through your skin and interact with cannabinoid receptors in your body.

You might want to try the Roll-on Pain, Muscle, and Joint CBG Gel to help you deal with pain. This topical is infused with CBG - a cannabinoid closely related to CBD - along with a range of other organic ingredients designed to cool and soothe your body and relieve pain, aches, and other forms of physical distress.

Can You Use Multiple CBD Products For Pain?

Using multiple CBD products can help you target pain as well as a wide range of other issues. As long as you buy high-quality, hemp-sourced CBD products, they’re very safe to use and you can use a variety of CBD products in conjunction without any problems.

While CBD topicals such as CBD rollers are particularly helpful for pain, you might also want to try CBD tinctures. These liquid products can be absorbed quickly and conveniently under your tongue or even added to foods and drinks for a helpful dose of CBD.

You can also buy readymade CBD edibles and CBD beverages. These tasty snacks and refreshing drinks offer a highly enjoyable way to consume cannabidiol and come in many great forms. You can even find CBD bath products such as bath bombs and soaps.

Where To Buy High-Quality CBD Products Online

Where To Buy High-Quality CBD Products Online

Buying CBD online is the best option for users across the United States. You can find a wide range of great products and even order them for convenient and discreet home delivery. With that said, it’s important to buy your CBD products from a safe and reliable source to ensure you get the best CBD products possible.

Pure Shaka offers a range of affordable high-quality CBD products for all your needs. These products come complete with lab reports, so you can rest assured you’re getting premium, quality-tested cannabidiol products.

Our online shop features an array of CBD oils, edibles, beverages, topicals, bath products, and more. You can also find other natural wellness products to use in conjunction with your CBD products, including high-quality Delta 8 THC products.


CBD is a safe, non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s widely used to assist with a range of painful ailments. There are many ways to consume CBD, including via CBD oils, edibles, and beverages, although soothing CBD rollers and other topical products are especially helpful for targeted pain relief.

Getting your hands on premium CBD products is now easier than ever. You can buy high-quality products online for convenient home delivery and even benefit from exclusive deals and discounts at Pure Shaka.

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