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All about Sea Moss

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Sea Moss is scientifically known as Chondrus crispus which is another type of Seaweed or algae that grows along the water in the coastal areas of North America and Europe. Sea moss contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins along with very low quantity of sugar and fat making it an ideal supplement. It is a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, Phosphorus, zinc and copper. It is also one of the most preferred natural sources of Iodine. Sea moss is also rich in antioxidants which can help in reducing the oxidative damage to the cells.

Potential health benefits of sea moss

Interestingly health benefits associated with sea Moss are anecdotal and still require solid scientific evidence. However people still use it for a wide range of health benefits including:

  1. Sense sea moss is rich in iodine coma it can also help in regulating a healthy thyroid function.

  2. Seaweed is also shown to be helpful for immune Modulation and improving the immune response in the body.

  3. Seaweed also supports a healthy microbiome as it is a perfect source of life healthy bacteria which help in the digestion and metabolic activity.

  4. Seaweed is also rich in fibre and produces a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating that can help in weight loss. Not only this, it contains fucoxanthin, a compound that promotes fat metabolism.

  5. Preliminary research has shown that sea Moss can help in reducing bad cholesterol or LDL. It can also help in blood thinning which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Uses of sea moss

Since Seaweed is a rich source of minerals and vitamins it is usually offered as a supplement in the form of gel, powder gummies or capsules. It is sometimes combined with burdock root or turmeric to boost its overall benefits and effect. Sea Moss is also used as a food thickening agent in snacks like cottage cheese ice cream and non-Dairy Milk.

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